New look for the Technical Support website

Lisa Almarode -

GemTalk's Technical Support uses a ticketing service hosted on Zendesk. Some years ago, Zendesk introduced a new interface, and now that their legacy interface is reaching end-of-life, GemTalk has migrated to this new platform.

This only affects the look and feel of the interface; the underlying ticketing functionality remains the same, and there should be no change in general behavior.

The new platform provides some new features:

  • You can select to view all requests you are CCed on, or all requests for your organization
  • You can perform a text search over your help requests
  • There is now an option to "follow" your organization, so you are notified about any requests filed by anyone at your organization

If you notice any issues or anomalies, or if you find some of the changes to be cumbersome, please let us know.