GemTalk Technical Support Privacy Policy

Lisa Almarode -

GemTalk Systems LLC provides Technical Support services to our customers (which are normally business entities) through individuals representing those companies.  For purposes of verifying their right to Technical Support services, and to receive these services, these individuals necessarily must supply a name, company name, and email address.  Information such as phone numbers, fax numbers, postal addresses, and job titles may also be needed. This information comes within the scope of the GDPR.

The primary use of this information is to contact the individual to provide the requested technical support.  In addition, we may use this data for the following purposes:

As part of the process of analysis for a Technical Support Help Request, personally identifying information along with technical data may be included in internal email or downloaded to GemTalk workstations in the US.

  • The name and company name may be attached to an internal bug report, in the cases where a bug or missing feature is identified as a result of a Help Request.
  • When prioritizing technical changes and features in the product, understanding customer requirements, and to determine platform support, we may analyze data in ways that use personal and company names.
  • Under some circumstances, we may contact individuals directly, using email addresses provided to the Technical Support website. This is only done in exceptional cases, including:
    • an important change in the way technical support services are provided.
    • a technical question involving product direction, in the case where we believe that a particular individual would want to express an opinion.
    • in the case of a data breach or similar urgent problem.
  • GemTalk Engineers that monitor Technical Support Help Requests and the Customer mailing list also are involved in contract and license compliance, and data provided may be used for that purpose.

GemTalk also maintains a Customer mailing list at Product release announcements and other important Technical Support information is sent to this Customer list. Customer posts to this list that include personal information have the effect of making this data available to other GemStone users on the list as well as GemTalk Systems. GemTalk does not use distribute, sell, or use data on this list, other than in the above ways that information provided directly to Technical Support is used.

If you believe you have incorrect data that you wish to correct, or if you would like all your data deleted, please write to 

In most cases, we will not supply a copy of the personal information we have on you, since the limited data we have was provided in the context of a particular business organization and sharing this is likely to affect the rights of the business organization. 

GemTalk's Technical Support website,, is hosted by Zendesk.  Zendesk may collect information for various purposes as defined by their own privacy polices.  Zendesk maintains strict privacy polices. You can read more on the Zendesk website,

 This policy effective May 25, 2018.